£360k improvements under way at John Leggott College in Scunthorpe

A £360,000 project is underway at John Leggott College to construct a new building to link the existing library and ICT block.
The project is part of an ongoing campus regeneration strategy in which one of the objectives is to “improve the flow and coherence of the site”.
The new building, named The Link, will also provide more social and study space for students, in response to the feedback of a recent survey. Another purpose of The Link is to create a new space for the reprographics department which will move from a different area on the campus to a more accessible location in the new building, again improving the access students will have to the college facilities.
Funding for The Link has come from the Building Condition Improvement Fund of the Educational Funding Agency (EFA) which grants money to educational institutions specifically for building improvements.
Barrie Kirk, director of property at the college, said: “The aim is to modernise the appearance of the campus and attract more prospective students.
“The college is continuing to invest in its facilities and we are pleased to be able to respond to student feedback which has requested more study/social space across the campus.”
In the future, the college has potential plans to build a second storey on the new building to create more space on campus but this would again be subject to funding from the EFA.
Mr Kirk added that the college has big plans for the future and stressed it is constantly finding new ways to improve its campus in order to maximise the quality of student life, and subsequently increase its success.
Building work on the latest development is scheduled to finish in February 2014.

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