When working on any project Houlton try to involve the local community as much as possible.
We are currently on site at Marfleet Lane Hull, building two large warehousing units at Marfleet Environmental Technology Park. The site is directly adjacent to Marfleet Primary School and the local park, allowing the children to have a clear view of the work happening on site.

With the half term approaching it gave the perfect opportunity for us to visit the school and speak to pupils about the dangers of construction sites, and why they should never be used as a playground.
After discussing the many dangers of building sites including the dangers that weren’t readily apparent, the pupils had the chance to try on various bits of PPE including hi-vis vests, hard hats and safety goggles.

Following the safety talk the children were tasked with creating a safety poster which could be displayed at our site entrance and inside the site cabins, informing all future visitors of the potential dangers on site.
By talking directly to the children who live in proximity to construction sites and involving the local schools, we encourage pupils to think twice about going onto building sites and potentially putting their lives in danger.

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