With over 1400 students and more than 70 exhibitors an extremely busy day was had by all who attended the North Lincolnshire Council Careers Event on Tuesday 14 October 2014.

Exhibitors were asked to ensure their stand was interactive to encourage students to 'have a go' so Houlton went along with their 'Build a Tower Challenge' where students are challenged to construct a free standing tower using just 5 sheets of newspaper and 5 sticky labels in just 5 minutes!

The towers ranged from brilliantly successful to some very sorry states but whether their tower was successful or not, every student had fun trying. They were even awarded chocolate for just having a go.

The Tower Challenge is a great team building exercise and really encourages the students to think about the way in which different structures are built.

The event also gave us the opportunity to talk to the students about the different careers available within the construction industry, in particular the girls who didn't realise that they could consider a career for themselves in construction.

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