Houlton once again attended the fantastic 'STEM In Action Event' organised by HETA.

The aim of the event is to introduce pupils to the variety of careers and skills within the different industry sectors whilst highlighting just how diverse and exciting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics really is.

Giving young people the opportunity to experience learning situations with adults other than their teachers is a great way of complimenting, enhancing and enriching  the classroom delivery of the national curriculum.

Top of the agenda though was making learning fun.

The event was attended by a wide variety of companies each in different industry sectors along with over 30 primary schools from across the region.

Over the two days Houlton worked with around 220 pupils and our interactive sessions comprised of our infamous 'Tower Challenge'.

We started the sessions by discussing famous towers across the world and encouraged the pupils to think about the different shapes and ways in which they stand.

The pupils had just 5 minutes to draw down their ideas before being given 20 minutes to actually build their tower using just 10 sheets of newspaper and 16 sticky labels.

Our experts were on hand to provide advice and support to the pupils who all did a fantastic job creating towers of different shapes and sizes. Some designs worked brilliantly whilst some didn't get off the ground but the pupils all had fun trying and learnt the valuable lesson that working together as a team was much easier and much more effective than working alone.

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