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YORbuild Projects
YORbuild Projects
YORbuild Projects
YORbuild Projects
YORbuild Projects
YORbuild Projects
YORbuild Projects

YORbuild Projects

YORbuild Projects


YORbuild is a series of collaborative Construction Frameworks for the procurement of building contractors to carry out new build and refurbishment works for the Yorkshire and Humber regions 22 Local Authorities and other regionally based Public Sector Bodies.

The framework is structured to complement the geography and diversity of demand across Yorkshire and Humber, which covers over 15,500 sq km and has a population of approximately 6 million living in a diversity of cities, towns and villages.

YORbuild consists of four Sub-regional frameworks each with a number of lots dealing with minor and major works. Four regional Local Authorities collaborated as a Project Team to procure the YORbuild Framework, each representing one of the Sub-regional frameworks:

North Sub-region – Scarborough Borough Council
East Sub-region – East Riding of Yorkshire Council
South Sub-region – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
West Sub-region – Leeds City Council

Each of the four areas within the YORbuild Framework consists of six value band lots:

  • Lot 1 - schemes upto £100k
  • Lot 2 - schemes £100k to £500k
  • Lot 3 - schemes £500k to £1m
  • Lot 4 - schemes £1m to £3.5m
  • Lot 5 - schemes £3.5m to £10m
  • Lot 6 - schemes over £10m

YORbuild offers significant improvement and efficiency for Public Sector Clients based in the Yorkshire and Humber region through the application of Rethinking Construction/Achieving Excellence principles and a collaborative contracting approach but its not just about procurement. YORbuild also aims to bring about real change through the delivery of projects by adding value to the procurement and delivery process. The framework shares not only a commitment to deliver expenditure and process efficiencies but also offer contractually embedded added value measures with the aim of delivering employment and skills opportunities, funding to support local social and economic regeneration, supply chain opportunities and carbon and site waste reduction.

The following themes form the basis of the YORbuild Framework Management Strategy:

  • Supply Chain Management - Transparent approach / Local sourcing / Effective measurement and management
  • Employment and Skills - Proactive intervention / Linked to project award/delivery / Effective measurement and management
  • Sustainability - Practical project based effort / Zero waste to land fill/carbon reduction / Effective measurement and management
  • Economic Regeneration - Focus upon recycling the local £ / Encouragement of social enterprise / Effective measurement and management

YORbuild was the first of the YORhub  frameworks, being awarded in December 2009, and has been trail blazing in many aspects including the Employment and Skills Plan which led to YORbuild being the first framework in the country to be given Construction Skills Academy status. YORbuild’s sustainability credentials were also featured as one of eight international case studies on the impacts of sustainable public procurement at the Rio Earth Summit 2012.

Any size or type of building project can be procured through YORbuild, including; new build, refurbishment, contractor design, maintenance or term contracts.

  • 20+ organisations have accessed YORbuild
  • YORbuild project turnover in excess of £500m
  • Efficiency savings in excess of £30m achieved for its users

Houlton were successful in our bid for YORbuild framework projects across Yorkshire – we received an award in all areas which is providing us with an increased volume of excellent work over a wider geographic area than previously. To date we have received over 68 orders under YORbuild valued in excess of £70 million.

We were awarded the following Lots:-

East Region - Lots 1-5

North Region - Lots 1-4

South Region - Lots 1, 3-5

West Region - Lots 1 + 3

The YORbuild construction framework is due to expire at the end of November 2015 since the provision for a two year extension was included when the framework was established and its success has meant that this has now been implemented.

Further details of YORbuild can be found on the YORhub web site

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