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Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

Houlton has a policy of equal opportunity for all employees. It also seeks not to discriminate against any other person it comes into contact with including customers, visitors, suppliers, subcontractors, consultants or the general public and to treat all with due respect. 

The Houlton Board of Directors believes that its services are accessible to all however should any concerned person wish to make observation or critical comment then the Finance Director (01482 320486) would be pleased to listen, to investigate as appropriate, and to ensure relevant measures are taken to improve the accessibility of those services and the way all are dealt with. 

A full copy of the policy is available on request from the Finance Director. 

Registration details:-

Full Name : Geo. Houlton & Sons Ltd. 
Place of Registration : England & Wales 
Registered Office : Hyperion Street, Hull, HU9 1BD 
Company Number : 01632717 
VAT Reg No : 167 444 642