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John Leggott College
John Leggott College
John Leggott College
John Leggott College

John Leggott College

John Leggott College

The new Link Extension at John Leggott College heralded the return of Houlton on site after the completion of the new Canteen Extension some 3 months earlier in July 2013.

Before work on the link could start a certain amount of enabling works had to be carried out, this involved removing the existing air condensing units and relocating three of them while others were either retained for re-use or disposed of. The biggest part of the enabling works was to divert the gas main that ran directly underneath the proposed building. Consequently an 80 metre trench was excavated around 'D' block during half term and a 150mm diameter gas main installed and completed within the week.

The work was completed mid-February 2014 and has delivered a colourful, light, bright and airy space from what was once an area that looked like an external plant room. The link now provides a more efficient flow around the college and gives vital access between the library and the portal. Also incorporated is a new office workspace for the library, the reprographics team from another part of the college, and a provision of charging bays & chill-out zone for the students.

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