Jimmy Jennison, a Contract Manager with our Building & Maintenance Division, has volunteered to spend a night in a cell on the 15th February 2019. The charity lock up is supporting Oscar’s Chance, a charity that are raising money for a 4-year-old boy named Oscar.  Oscar has got 4 limb cerebral palsy which affects all aspects of his life, he has got very tight hamstrings and after having two rounds of Botox injections we have decided to aim for a long term life changing operation. SDR is the operation which will remove all his spasticity & tightness in his legs permanently. Unfortunately this operation isn’t available on the NHS for children as severe as Oscar which is why we need to raise the money to take him to the USA.  

Sponsorship forms will be available at reception and the company will match fund any donations raised.

if you want to know more about Oscar and the charity, please follow the below link:



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