November the 8th 1879 was determined as the date that Houlton was established by George Houlton Snr.. To mark the occasion of our 140th Birthday we gathered operatives, office staff and as many site staff as practically possible and set up a big breakfast servery within the fitters shop.

The date also coincided with the renewal of the operative uniforms, so we took the opportunity to take some photos to mark the occasion. With almost 100 staff present, the rain held off for us all to enjoy breakfast sandwiches, pastries and the opportunity to catch up with colleagues.

Earlier in the year we held an event to which current staff, pensioners and their families were invited to participate in a family fun day at Hull Sports Centre and enjoy the games, music, food and drinks. That event was our formal '140th event' and again was an idea which was born from engaging with staff and determining how they would like to celebrate this achievement.





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