As part of our 140 year celebrations employees were asked for ideas on how we could celebrate 140 years in construction. One of the ideas was commemorative tree planting. This gave us the opportunity to give something back to the community, help the environment and leave a legacy within the city that could last for another 140 years. 

We began by looking for a site and felt that we could split the planting. After speaking with David Jones, the Arboricultural Officer for Hull City Council, a location  was found in East Park, we decided to plant 14 standards, one representing each decade of trading. We also planting 140 Whips in the Rockford Fields nature reserve as part of the programme.

With the help of Stephen Robinson, HEYwoods Partnership Manager and Leah Hallas from the TCV, who we engaged to carry out the work, we narrowed down the species of the standards to the following:

  • English Oak
  • Coastal Redwood 
  • Small leaved lime 
  • Hornbeam 
  • Silver Birch 
  • English Alder 
  • Red Oak 
  • Sessile Oak 
  • Rysophylla Oak 


Upon advice, a mix of native species with some more unusual species were chosen to add interest and complement a large space like East Park.

On the day of planting we were joined by Radio Humberside who conducted an interview with Richard Houlton, our Life President. 

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