The National Stress Awareness Day is run by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). It's purpose is to inform, allow you to reflect and asses the impact if any, stress has on our day to day life.

Houlton are committed to raising awareness and supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing issues, our Mental Health First Aider provide a pathway for anyone who needs to talk.

What is National Stress Awareness Day?

Stress is something that all of us will experience, but there are ways to reduce the effects. On Stress Awareness Day we want you not only learn about what can happen when our stress levels get too high – from mental health problems or making existing issues worse- but also how it affects people differently in their day-to-day lives so they know if anything seems amiss with regards coping skills

On November 6TH 2021, take some time out for yourself by learning more information on managing life’s challenges like handling difficult situations at work; dealing effectively with difficult family members and even getting good sleep.

Millions of people in the UK experience stress and it is damaging to our health. For example, at some point last year 74% of people felt so stressed that they couldn’t cope (Mental Health Foundation). Stress can be described as feeling under too much mental or emotional pressure – when this happens your body releases hormones such as adrenaline along with cortisol which can lead not only physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach pains but also emotional ones like anxiety attacks if left untreated.

What is stress and why is it important?

Stress is your body’s reaction to help you deal with pressure or threats. This is sometimes called a “fight or flight” response. Your stress hormone levels usually return to normal once the pressure or threat has passed.

A small amount of stress can be useful. It can motivate you to take action and get tasks completed. It can also make you feel alive and excited. But too much stress can cause negative effects such as a change in your mood, your body and relationship issues.

Stress is a response to demands on the body and life, a response to crisis and fears. If stress gets overwhelming it can cause other mental health problems, emotional exhaustion and physical illness and can impact on work, relationships, families, and every aspect of life. When someone is suffering from negative or overwhelming stress, they may not act or react normally in some situations, for example driving or in an argument, with disastrous consequences.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness, publicity and profile of stress and its impact, and reduce stigma while promoting the importance of well-being and stress reduction for individuals and organisations.

The link below will redirect you to the ISMA website where you can obtain further information.


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