The annual event run by the Apprenticeship Directorate, part of the Department of Education, invites nominations to find the top 100 apprenticeship employers in the country.

This year – Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers 2022  – which for the first time recognises the critical role these organisations play in creating opportunities, particularly for younger people and those in disadvantaged areas.

The leader boards are designed to showcase the very best of England’s apprenticeship employers, with those listed recognised for providing some of the most successful apprenticeship programmes over the previous 12 months.

The annual rankings not only showcase employers providing some of the country’s most successful apprenticeship programmes, but they help future apprentices, parents and career advisers identify opportunities with leading employers.

They also enable all employers to see what ‘good’ looks like, so they can benchmark against the best and understand how they might improve their apprenticeship programmes to progress up the rankings in future.

Over 500 entries were made and by means of a questionnaire and follow up interview they were shortlisted to create a top 50 and then finally ranked, we placed at 27.

Andrew Kingston, Managing Director said "The quality of our construction and maintenance projects over the last 140 years are directly attributed to our tradition of supporting apprenticeships throughout our business. To be recognised as one of the countries top 50 SME apprentice employers is a fantastic accolade for the company."



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